The Oldest Rehm

A little over 2 years ago I drove out to Arizona to shoot a promotional video for my cousin Jeremy’s construction company. We spent the weekend filming him talk about why he loves owning his own business, and visited recent jobs he’d worked on. I have always been in touch with my AZ family and make it out there a couple times a year… but over the last 5 years Jeremy & I have become really close. Whether it’s a beach weekend in Carlsbad with his wife Amy, or a late night grub sesh at Delux burger before I leave Phoenix, we seem to always make time for each other.

After the weekend we filmed, it wasn’t long before that year ended. My job was pretty consuming at the time, so his video project got put on the back burner. Before I knew it another whole year had gone by and I still hadn’t finished his video. This past year when I quit my job, I was traveling a lot and having way too much fun just doing my own thing to be focused on past work that had gotten neglected. Of course… every time Jeremy and I talked/saw each other it was another reminder that I needed to get my life together and finish what we started. When I finally started going back through all of the footage from that year, I was reminded of how much we both had changed and how quickly time had gone by. I was also reminded of how much fun we always have together, and how important it is to make time for people who make time for you. I think that often in life, we get caught up in our own needs and have a hard time letting ourselves practice selflessness. Jeremy seems to be really good at that and over the years has encouraged me to do the same. He is such a strong and ambitious person, and has challenged me to focus on the good in people, and be a better example.

One thing he told to me a couple years back that always sticks with me is:
1. Do what you say.
2. Finish what you start.
3. Stand by your work.

Being the oldest in my family I don’t know what it’s like to have an older brother, but if I had to guess… it would be a lot like having Jeremy. So to my cousin… I’m sorry I suck and took over two years to do this for you. I’m getting better everyday. Thanks for always making me laugh, and showing me grace. I hope I can bring as much joy to your life as you do mine.