Hey there, I'm Emily.

Born & raised in southern California with an east coast personality. For being a decent writer, I have a hard time describing myself. Only because, I get a few sentences to somehow convey to you that I am someone worth reading about. Simply put... I am just a normal person trying to do life. I have adventured through many different avenues of entrepreneurship over the years and have found myself ready to pursue my own creative outlet full-time.

Music is my number one passion in life & the driving force behind my love for videography. This naturally made it's way into my hands coming from a family of photographers. I am blessed to be loved & adored by the Almighty. Weak in the knees for black piano keys. I love city life, and fast paced world but need the melancholy of still. The pause before the breakdown in a song, the tears from a moving commercial, the short stanza of rawness written, some of my absolute favorite things. I love mango sorbet, vanilla lattes, wrist jewelry, modern homes and really creative Instagram accounts. Thanks for reading and letting me share some of my work with you.

For more information about the services I offer, email me directly.